III Pamplona Nephrology Update 2022


Javier Díez

Clínica Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona)


Javier Díez, MD, PhD is currently Emeritus Full Professor of Medicine and Distinguished Scientist at the Centre of Applied Medical Research of the University of Navarra, in Pamplona. He is the Director of the Program of Biomarkers and Cardiovascular Precision Medicine of the National Cardiovascular Research Network, at the Carlos III National Institute of Health, in Madrid. He also serves as Deputy Director of the International Advisory Board of the National Center of Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), in Madrid. Finally, Dr Díez is the Coordinator of the Working Group on Cardiorenal Medicine of the Spanish Society of Nephrology.

Dr Díez’s research interests include the molecular mechanisms involved in the structural remodelling of the myocardium that contributes to the development and progression of heart failure, and translational clinical research aimed to develop novel diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets of myocardial remodelling in heart failure. In particular, during the last years the scientific work of Dr. Díez focuses on the process of myocardial remodelling and heart failure that develops in patients with chronic kidney disease.

In addition to being the author of more than 450 original articles, Dr. Díez has been or is currently PI in numerous national and international research projects, and he has been recognized with several awards from international and national scientific institutions.